Why iSkysoft Is the Ideal Tool to Recover Deleted Videos from Android

Smartphone users who are looking for ways to recover deleted videos from Android device need not look far. There are special software programs available to help solve your dilemma.

Smartphone users who are looking for ways to recover deleted videos from Android device need not look far. There are special software programs available to help solve your dilemma.

Android OS has brought about an incredible change in mobile phones. They have become smarter and more indispensable than ever before. Now these devices are used more like a video or photo recording tools.

Obviously, this has made Android phones a storehouse of countless videos and pictures. The trouble starts when there is data loss due to factory reset or pressing delete accidentally or the phone being damaged. If such a situation occurs, don't panic. Recovering deleted videos from Android is possible.

Since media files such as music, videos, and photos are stored on the external SD phone card, you can use professional software to recover deleted videos from Android device. At present, there are several such recovery software tools available to solve lost video and other media files. Here are a few important software programs that can very efficiently recover deleted videos from Android.

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android by iSkysoft Data Recovery

This tool to recover deleted videos from Android is an effective and simple way to recover not only videos but all kinds of files. The recovery process is completed within few seconds allowing you to retrieve data easily and effortlessly. This is the reason for iSkysoft software for data recovery being the best of its kind. The beneficial features of iSkysoft will further corroborate this claim.

Ease of use
iSkysoft is best in the data recovery program category, as it gives superior results. You need not have any expert technical knowledge to use the software. And during the recovery process, the software helps you with the steps to follow, to complete the process successfully.

Versatile function
iSkysoft expertly tackles all types of data loss occurrences. Loss of videos due to crashed operating system, virus attack, deleting videos accidentally and any other such situations are handled deftly by iSkysoft recovery software. You will be able to view the videos again in your Android device with the fast and effective recovery process the software initiates.

Selective recovery
Sometimes you may need only certain specific videos to be recovered, instead of recovering all the lost videos. This recovery tool for Android devices provides a quick scan feature to find the missing videos in your Android device. You can then choose the files you want to recover.
Efficient, risk-free and quick

The software is completely safe to use. It is free of any damaging virus and does not collect any personal information from you. It performs a quick scan and recovery to help you retrieve data you want. The software is thus the best and hassle free tool for your deleted video recovery.

Step by step guide to recover deleted videos from Android with iSkysoft

1. The first step to perform is download iSkysoft data recovery for Android on your system. After you have downloaded, install the software and run it in your system.

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2. When the software is ready, connect the Android to the computer via USB cable.

iSkysoft Toolbox for Android
3. After the device is connected and your device is identified, a prompt occurs showing your device. If this does not happen, you should use USB debugging option in the Android phone. A pop-up program wizard will help you through the debugging process.

4. Once the debugging process is over, your Android device will be identified. In case you have a rooted Android phone, you will require authentication for using superuser option. This will be issued as an alert on your phone and in the software interface.

5. The next step is to select the videos you want to recover. The software interface will show a data types list, filesall of which is selected by default. If you want to retrieve only the video files, you have to unselect the other typedata and leave the video files as selected.

6. Choose scanning feature and opt for Next button to begin the scanning.

7.The Videos feature in the sidebar present on the left side should be clicked for video files recovery if you had chosen all the file types for restoration in the previous step.

8. Click on the option, ‘Only Display the deleted item' present on the top portion of the window. Select all the videos you need and hit the recover option. You can now retrieve all the deleted videos to your computer.

Download $49.95 for Android Data Recovery

Part 2. 5 popular apps for video recovery from Android devices

1. Undeleter App from Root User

This app is effective to recover all types of files including photos, videos and much more after you have deleted them accidentally or lost them due to damage to your device. Before using this app, you should know that the app should be authenticated for the recovery process to proceed smoothly. The app helps to recover files that are lost in the internal and external partitions. As soon as the recovery is completed, the video files can be stored in Google drive, dropbox or any other cloud storage feature.

The application is capable of deleting large video files and this includes SD cards too
It is easy to save files directly to Dropbox or Google Drive

The video file retrieval is temporary only
Does not retrieve other data files such as contacts, messages etc. which are stored in an Android device

2. Dumpster app for video and image recovery

This is another application that can make video and image recovery. The application does not need root access or internet connection to recover deleted videos from Android. Furthermore, this software is capable of recovering files in all formats including audio, video, mp4, mp3, images and much more. The application also supports direct back up of the videos and images to Google Drive, Dropbox and other such storages based on Cloud format.

The app is quick with its single tap back up feature
Does not need internet connectivity

Does not recover all types of video files
New users may find the app difficult to use

3. DiskDigger Undelete

This app is also designed to recover deleted video files from Android. The app can undelete lost videos, photos and images, and recover them from the memory card of your device and from the internal memory.

disk digger
Rooting is not necessary for recovering video files using this recovery app. And the cause for the lost files is not a criterion here. Whether it is factory reset or accidental deletion of files, fileDiskDigger can undelete and completely recover your files. When you have recovered the files, they can be directly stored in cloud storage options such as Dropbox or Google Drive. You can even store the files in your Gmail account.

Complete recovery of video files present in internal memory and the SD card of Android device.
Different methods data recovery present.

The recovery cannot be done for all types of files
Files of larger size cannot be recovered with this app

4. Recovery Lite from Hexamob

This app is created to work on devices that have already been rooted. The recovery capability is, however, good. The app deletes files including video, images, mp3, pdf, pictures and much more. While using this app, you should know that the type of data and data blocks that the deleted files are present influence the successful recovery of the files. Blocks which have been deleted already and overwritten on will not work this app, as it cannot retrieve files from such blocks.

Interface is easy and simple to use

Does not work successfully on all types of files
Occasionally it can be difficult to use

5. Hexamob Recovery Lite

This recovery application is effective in undeleting audio, video and photos from internal memory and SD card of an Android device. All brands of smartphones which have Android version 2.3 or the future versions work well with this application. One important feature that is beneficial in the recycle bin app is you do not need an internet connection for performing the recovery of deleted files or restoring them. Furthermore, the app is quite quick in action.

Can work without internet connectivity

May not recover all types of video files
Interface is a bit complicated

Although the above six recovery applications help to recover deleted video files from Android device, the recovery done is not an effective one. Further many of the applications are complicated to use. To have better and efficient recovery, it is best to use reliable and proven data recovery software such as iSkysoft recovery software for Android data. This is because it can be used on desktop and is robust. Multiple format video support, safe on Android data and various other benefits make iSkysoft Android Data Recovery the best option to recover deleted videos from Android devices.