Today let’s talk about how to recover deleted SMS Text Messages from Android device. Before we start, let’s talk about SMS first.

Today let's talk about how to recover deleted SMS Text Messages from Android device. Before we start, let’s speak of SMS first.

What is SMS? Its full name is Short Messaging Service which means text message. Yes, though we have many ways to pass our information with others like make a phone call, send an email, send an audio message, the text message is still the most popular and usual way we communicate with other. For example, some people who cannot speak, they send SMS to pass information; individuals who are not good at talking but good at writing, they can use SMS to impress them much better. SMS gives us to time consider well when we are editing it and allows us to revise before we send it. And we can save the messages which we think it’s important without ample storage space on our phone. It's very convenient. This is why we like to use SMS and regard it’s an important part of our life. However, the human being is a kind of emotional animal; we always do something emotionally when we have a strong emotion like deleting all the SMS that our lovers sent to us when we have a fight with each other or dropping our phone on the floor when we are so angry. But after we fix the relationship or the emotion was gone, we will be regretted to do such kind of stupid things.

Except for the above reasons, there might be other accidents cause our SMS loss. Can we find back the SMS when we wake up from the nightmare? Of course, I am here to help you to recover your deleted SMS if your phone is an Android phone.

Part 1. The Recovery Genius of Deleted SMS for Android Device

Today I recommend you a recovery genius, iSkysoft Android Data Recovery software to heal your SMS loss nightmare. This genius promises that he can work with all the Android devices including phones and tablets with thousands of different models and brands. And it is guaranteed to give the users a high success rate. So powerful isn’t it? Are you excited? What's more, it also supports large file types not just SMS but also contacts, audio, video and so on. It means you can use it for almost all your lost data recovery. And the UI of this genius program is straightforward and easy to understand. No specious parts but only the relevant icons and selections that even a beginner user can easily navigate.
Today I will help you recover your deleted SMS based on this genius tool. Now, go to its website and download your appropriate version and install it on your computer.

Download $49.95 for Android Data Recovery
Tip: iSkysoft Android Data Recovery offer Mac OS version and Window version. If your computer is use the following version you can use this software:
Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 & Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Part 2. 4 Steps to Recover SMS Text Messages on Android

Recovering deleted SMS is an easy task for iSkysoft Android Data Recovery.

After the program be installed on your computer, click to launch it. Find a matched USB cable to your phone, and check if your phone still have more 20% battery life. Otherwise, you need to find charge power for your phone to ensure it won’t shut off before then recovery process finished.

These preparation aim to the computer can connect to the Android device, and the program can be run successfully. Once the preparation is done, we can follow the following four steps to make the SMS recovery realized.

Step 1. Connect your Android device to computer

Click the software to launch the program, then using your Android device data cable to connect your Android device and computer. After the two devices are connected successfully, the program will request you to set your device to USB debugging mode to get the authorization to access your device and make changes on your device’s drive. If you don’t know how to do, don't worry, the program interface also shows the instructions on the screen to teach you how to set the USB debugging mode.

iSkysoft Toolbox for Android

Step 2. Scan for the Your Deleted SMS on Android

For saving time for users, the program interface will present the type of file to convenient the users choose which types that the users want to scan and recover, so that the users don’t need to waste time on the no need parts. Here, you just need to select the “Message” option to scan.

Step 3. Select the Scan Mode

When you finish selection, there will be two scanning mode shows on the screen for you to choose. The option “Standard Mode” has two sub-options; the option “Advanced Mode” means deeper scanning, but it will take more time.

If you choose “Standard Mode,” there are two options for this. “Scan for deleted messages” which means just scan for the messages that were deleted; or “Scan for all the files” if you want to scan all your data of your Android device. Once you determine the mode, click the “Next” button on the bottom to continue the next step.

Step 4. Recover the Deleted SMS to Android Phone

After the scanning finish, all the deleted SMS will be listed in the interface. The program allows the users to choose the specific message to recover but also the users are allowed to choose all the SMS recovery. Now you can freely move your mouse to click any deleted message you’d like to recover and then click “Recover” button on the interface, the program will fast finish the recovery.

When you accidently deleted your SMS, or you are regreted to delete your SMS by your bad emotion, don’t worry anymore, the iSkysoft Android Data Recovery will help you getting them back. And if you need other help about Android data recovery, just come to me, I am willing to help you so.

Download $49.95 for Android Data Recovery