A simple course to teach Samsung users how to recover deleted pictures from Samsung Android phone or tablets with ease.

How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Samsung Phone or Tablet – Fixed

Hey, buddy, do you still use a pen and papers to write down the telephone numbers, to take notes or other information you need to remember? Come on; it's not cool. Become a modern person ok? It's already a technology age now. Rare people will use the old ways to store information. What do they use for? Come on; I can't believe this silly question comes out from your mouth. Of course smartphone! What? Have you one? But why you don't use it? What? Just because you deleted the favorite pictures by mistake so you think can't get them back, so you think to use a smartphone is dangerous? Oh no. You can't imagine how much fun you lost by living without a smartphone. Poor guy. Do you have a computer and internet? Yes? Good. Now let's go to your home and find out your Samsung and give it to me, and look what I will do to help you recover deleted pictures from Samsung phone.

Now, I am going to open your computer and you, please find me your Samsung phone, its USB link. Check how much battery your phone still has. If under 20% battery, find a moving power socket here and plug your Samsung into the socket to charge it. OK, the computer is opened. Now listen to me carefully, and watch carefully what I will do.

Have you ever heard there is a tool called data recovery tool? Yes, it's a tool for recovering the data like pictures, messages, audios that we lost on our digital device. Because your phone is Samsung, it's using Android OS, so we need to find an Android Pictures recovery tool to get your pictures back on your Samsung.

Step by step to retrieve deleted pictures from Samsung device

Step 1: Open your computer browser, input keywords “data”, “recovery” and “Android”.

See, there are plenty of Android data recovery tool comes out. Among them, which one should you choose? Ok, I should have known you would say you don't know. Let me introduce you my favorite one, iSkysoft Android Data Recovery. This software is pretty awesome, I have been used it for several years.

Here are some reasons why I trust it for a long time:

  • 1.Compared with other recovery tools, this software can be compatible with almost all the deferent Android brands and Android model devices.
  • 2.It supports many different types of data recovery, like messages, pictures, contacts, official documents and so on.
  • 3.It supports to preview the data we lost after scanning.
  • 4.We can choose an individual file to recover or all the data if you like.
  • 5.The scanning and recovery speed is very fast.
  • 6.Very easy to use, recovery steps are very simple.

Of course, there are also other good features, but these are the features that attract me to use it. And you see, for the picture recovery, it supports .png, .jpg, .bmp, .tiff/tif and .gif. No matter which format your picture is, it can help you get them back.

Ha-ha, you like it, too? Ok, after we choose this Picture Recovery software for your Samsung, we can continue next step.

Step 2: Download iSkysoft Android Data Recovery, Install and Launch It.

Download $49.95 for Android Data Recovery

Step 3: Follow the Instruction the Software Showed on the Interface.

1 Use the USB cable link your phone and your computer.

iSkysoft Toolbox for Android
2 Set the USB Debugging on your phone and make it be detected by the program

3 Select the data type you want to recover, here choose “Gallery”.

4 Choose the scanning mode, “Standard Mode” or “Advanced Mode”, here you choose the first one.

5 Preview and select the deleted pictures you want to recover.

6 Decide the data recovery location. Then, click “Recover”, the steps are down.

You can also watch the video tutorial about how to recover deleted pictures from Samsung phone by iSkysoft Android Recovery here.

Now you can check whether the pictures are back to your Samsung phone or not. All you wanted pictures back? Good! You see, how amazing this software is!

So how's your feeling now after trying to recover your deleted pictures from Samsung phone?

Hi, I am the outdated guy. Actually I am not so outdated before. I am a photo fan who always like to collect different stylish pictures on the internet and save them on my Samsung phone, and also I have taken many pictures of myself in the daily life. But once when I was making the space of my phone, I deleted all the pictures I stored before by carelessness. Oh my god! That was horrible that I even forgot how to cry. That period of time, I was falling in such kind of sad emotion and afraid of using the phone anymore. It already caused a shadow on my mind. But I am lucky to meet this friend, he heals my nightmare and helps me find back all my cherished pictures. And also, by this Samsung Pictures Recovery Software he introduces to me, iSkysoft Android Data Recovery, me, a digital idiot quickly finished these recovery operations and easily get all the pictures back. That is totally unbelievable. It's really a practical, useful, effective tool! So here, thanks a lot to my friend and iSkysoft Android Data Recovery. I won't be an outdated guy anymore, now I am not afraid of losing data anymore. And I will share this software to all my families and friends, hope it can help them when they need.

Ha-ha, don't be too grateful for me. It's not a big deal. By the way, I still have two suggestions on Samsung Pictures Recovery for you.

1. Afterward, if you realize that you have some important files be deleted, try your best to prevent no new data enter your phone, otherwise, maybe it will erase the memory and overwritten your lost files. It means even you use the recovery tool; it might be found very hardly.

2. Always backup your important data on your computer, so that even you lost your data and cannot be recovered by the recovery tool, you still have your data on your computer. Just copy them into your phone. That's it.

Ok, I need to go home now, hope you have learned how to recover deleted pictures from Samsung already. And enjoy your new modern life.

Download $49.95 for Android Data Recovery