Smartphones have been dominating the world like crazy as these handy devices have almost become a staple part of the lives of the people in this modern generation. Being fully loaded with tons of advanced and high-end features, there is no denying that smartphones have become a necessity instead of a mere luxury. That is why it is not a big surprise that with all the activities you do with your phone and the sheer love that you shower on it, you also create loads of data on your device every single day. And now, you can never afford to lose any of these pertinent data at any cost. With this being said, backing up your data is a big must. This is a very crucial thing to do if you like to avoid the risk of losing all those data you have acquired through the years. In this post, you'll learn how to backup Samsung S8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge) which happen to be two of the most in-demand models from the famous South Korean brand today. There are actually several methods you can try, although the use of the iSkysoft Toolbox – Android Data Backup & Restore is the best choice you've got.

Why You Need to Backup Your Samsung S8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge) or Other Android Phone

You probably know that you should vacuum under your bed, right? You also know that you should first take a shower before you jump into the pool. Backing up the data in your Samsung device is exactly just like that. The only difference is that there are more dire consequences that await you if you fail to do so.

Experts say that by the year 2020, around 1.7 megabytes of data will be made each second for every person that walks the face of the planet. As more and more of your most crucial information are stored digitally, any data loss could prove to be disastrous. Below are some of the best reasons why you need to learn how to backup Samsung s8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge) now more than ever.

Accidents can always happen.

Accidents are among those things that you can never predict, and while there is no way that you can completely prevent then, you can largely mitigate the damages of these with continuous and automatic backups.

Phones are the apple of the eyes of thieves.

In the United States alone, around 2.1 million phones are being stolen, which is equivalent to a shocking number of 5,753 phones each day. So, if 64 percent of people will be more anxious about losing the data that they failed to backup than the phone itself, it is much more surprising that 37 percent of mobile users don't even bother backing up their data. Good thing that Android phones like Samsung now come with the ability of automatically backing up your phone to a certain degree, not to mention that you can use some special tools to help you do that. All it takes is a few minutes of your precious time to do it.

Infections are everywhere.

Although mobile devices are hot targets for thieves, you should not forget about your good old computer, either. About 1 out of 10 computers get infected with viruses every month, and even a single infection could lead to a total loss of your most important data.

Data loss is a nightmare.

53 percent of people either know someone who lost pertinent data or lost data themselves and could no longer retrieve it. If you belong to the 30 percent of people who never bothered with knowing how to backup Samsung s8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge), this means that you will never be able to recover the data with an older version.

Time is equivalent to money.

Every time you lose your important data, its effects are not really as simple as losing the data itself. Data loss together with its resulting downtime can cost you a substantial amount of money. Even the loss of several files can mean some cash going down the drain.

Good thing that there are methods you can try to backup your Samsung devices.

1st Method: Learn How to Backup Samsung s8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge) with iSkysoft Toolbox – Android Data Backup & Restore

The iSkysoft ToolboxAndroid Data Backup & Restore is regarded as the best one you can use for backing up your Samsung device. This software is highly recommended because you can backup your data on your device with a single click. This amazing software has higher success rates, thanks to its equally incredible features.

iSkysoft Toolbox for Android has several features to offer. One of the most beneficial features of this tool is that this can back p the type of data that some methods cannot. For instance, your app data, contacts, messages, call history, audio, and video. In addition to that, there's no risk of replacing new files with the existing files. This app can also support all models of various Android devices available in the market. You may also preview data before you can restore data. Aside from that, the data can be restored from your Android device to another.

iSkysoft Toolbox also sets apart from others through having a user-friendly interface and enables restore and backup data selectively. You may also backup performing several simple steps provided by iSkysoft Toolbox.

Those were just some of the highlights of iSkysoft Toolbox. If you're wondering how to backup Samsung s8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge), this step guide is worth it to read.

The Steps to Use iSkySoft Toolbox – Android Data Backup & Restore on How to Backup Samsung s8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge)

1.Open the software and consider connecting the device to your computer.

The first step is downloading and installing the software on your computer. You may download this by clicking on the Download button. Run it and choose Data Backup & Restore. Enable Samsung Galaxy S7 to connect to your computer through the help of your USB cable. If you're asked to enable USB Debugging, just click OK. Then, your device will be detected by iSkysoft Toolbox; you need to choose the option Backup.

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iSkysoft Toolbox for Android

2.Pick the Items You Want to Backup

The process of scanning will start now, and your data will appear on the window through various categories. Consider clicking on the Select All if you like to backup all available data otherwise choose the items selectively. Once you are done with that, click the Backup option.

3.Backup and Preview the Data

Click on the Backup option to initiate the backup process. See to it that your device is connected throughout the entire process. This may take some time if you have big data. Now consider clicking on the option View the Backup to preview backup data. You're done with the whole process, and you have to worry about losing some of your precious data.

2nd Method: Learn How to Backup Samsung S8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge) Using Samsung Cloud

Another method on how to backup Samsung s8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge) is through backup with Samsung Cloud. The steps involved in the process are simple to follow. These will help you overcome your fear of losing data. Nevertheless, the service provides free storage of 15GB. If you have more than fifteen gigabytes of storage to backup, you may buy additional cloud storage.

1.Go to the Settings. Find the option Cloud and account through scrolling down and tap on that. Then, tap Samsung Cloud.

2.You'll be asked to sign in to your own account if you have not done it yet. Then, you may turn the sliding buttons on, next to every item you like to backup. Tap on the option Backup my data to choose more options for backup like photos, messages, and much more.

3.In addition to that, you may click the More button for you to look for more settings like sync now or sync on. Choose Sync Now if you like to sync immediately.

4.Tap on the option Backup Now to start backup up the data.

3rd Method: Learn How to Backup Samsung s8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge) with Google Account

You already learned about how to backup Samsung s8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge) with the use of Samsung Cloud. Now, it's time to learn how to back up your data using your Google account in your Samsung S8 or S7 Edge. You can backup app data, contacts, calendar, people details, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Fit, Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, Music, and TV through the use of Google Account.

1.Tap the Apps to open your menu and go to the Settings

2.Tap Accounts on the section of personalization.

3.Choose Google and go to your email

4.You'll observe the file type on the screen. Choose the box that's adjacent to the file type to be backed up.

5.Tap the three dots visible on the top right side of the screen.

6.Search for Sync Now and tap it.

4th Method: Learn How to Backup Samsung s8 (Plus) / S7 (Edge) Using Reset Function and Built-in Backup

This last method involves easy steps for backing up the data on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S7 Edge. With the use of the Backup and Reset feature on your device, you can quickly backup your Gmail settings, Google Play apps, Google Calendar, wallpapers, passwords and networks, data, and third-party app setting.