February 29, 2016

Practical Ways to Recover Data from Android Phone

Data loss is always the worst thing for a smartphone user. Sometime it means the loss of valuable memory of his life and some unforgettable experience, and sometimes it means he might be serious trouble if the data relevant with company secrets, business records or such kind of confidential files. Even we will try to prevent such kind of troubles happen, however, the causes of data loss are various, it might be you touch your phone in a wrong operation, your children play your phone and deleted your data not on purpose, or the phone falls to the floor and be damaged, all these accidents shows us that we cannot always be lucky to avoid the data loss. Yes, we know there numerous data recovery apps on the market that can help us to restore the data, however, most of them are not useful like its advertisement but fail to recover the original messages, contacts, photos and other documents. To choose a great recovery tool is the key point, and I here to introduce you a great Android data recovery software and how to recover data from Android phone by it.
February 28, 2016

Magic App Easily Recovers Deleted Files from Samsung

Now, please answer me one question, what's in your fond Samsung? Don't be shy, I know there must be some private photos with your lovers, some sweet audios between you guys, some treacly text messages and a lots of other valuable files that you never want to lose, right? Yes, there is no "Recycle Bin" in your Samsung, what if we accidently lose the files, except holding your phone and cry, can we find back them? The Answer is yes! Let me show you the magic, the iSkysoft Android Data Recovery software, let you easily recover deleted files from Samsung phone and find back your beloved files, then continue your idol drama love.
February 28, 2016

The Ideal Tool for Recovering Deleted Photos from Android

With the developing of touch screen technology, the storage request for data like files, photos, music and other data is increased horribly. People use the mobile devices to store most of their personal data. However, the risk of data loss is also serious. Only one click of touch on the "delete" button or any misoperation, the data might be deleted, so quick. The lost data might be our necessary files, business records or other important personal information, each of them is indispensable and nobody wish to lose such kind of valuable data. Most people like to take photos to store their memories, if the photo be lost or erroneously deleted, how to recover the deleted photo is the concern of the most people. The causes of losing data could be wrong use, not being conversant with the function, device damage and others. Once the lost is occurred, an easy-to-use and convenient recovery tool is what the Android users want to find to recover the deleted photos from Android device.