Easily Mirror Android Device's Display and Record It to PC

Android Screen Recorder

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Practical Situations to Record Android Device

App Recording

The Simple Process of Android Screen Recorder

Mirror the Display, Control the Device

After you have connected your Android device to your PC, with the use of iSkysoft Android Screen Recorder, you can also control your device as well as record its display.

Without having to pick up your phone every 30 seconds, you can reply to text messages directly from your computer.

One-Click Recording

Whether you're looking to record your new mobile application in action, or you're preparing a recording for an upcoming meeting, when you use iSkysoft Android Screen Recorder, you can record your device's display with just one click.

Before recording, you have complete control over factors such as the recordings resolution as well as whether or not you want to record audio too!

All Android Devices Are Supported

Regardless of whether you have the newest Android device or the oldest, iSkysoft Android Screen Recorder is compatible with any Android device.

No matter how old the device, our software will help you acquire a smooth and high-quality recording.

  • Display Mirroring

    Once your Android device is connected to your computer, the program will quickly detect the connection and will mirror the device's display.
  • Record the Display

    After clicking the "Record" button, your device's display will be recorded.
  • Save the Recording

    Once the recording is complete and you're ready to end it, click the same button as before, and the recording will be saved in the location which is shown.
  • Screenshots

    If you need to take screenshots, there is an option to do so availably on the iSkysoft Android Screen Recorder.

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