Remove Samsung Galaxy S/Tab/Note Lock Screen Effortlessly

Android Lock Screen Removal

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Remove & Bypass Any Lock Screen Anytime

Forgot Password
Phone Disabled
Physical Damage
Phone Hacked

Keep Your Data Intact with iSkysoft One-Click Android Lock Screen Removal

Remove Android Screen Lock in 1-Click:

In just one click, you can remove an Android device's lock screen regardless of whether it's a PIN, a password, or a pattern.

100% Keep Your Data Intact:

Rather than having to factory reset a device and lose all of your data, using iSkysoft Android Lock Screen Removal ensures that you lose no data.

Note: if you don't want to lose any data at all, then our advice would be to avoid using the factory reset feature. Using this feature will completely remove all of your personal data.

Easily Remove an Android Lock Screen and Keep Your Data Safe


If you've forgotten what you set your device's password as, not a problem.


Even if you've disabled your device, iSkysoft Android Lock Screen Removal can remove the lock screen.


Purchased a second-hand phone and don't know the password? Not a problem. With our software, you can quickly remove the pin.


Is your Android device not accepting your fingerprint? With iSkysoft Android Lock Screen Removal, you can regain access to your device.

  • Launch the Program

    Connect your device and launch the iSkysoft Toolbox. Select the Lock Screen Removal tool.
  • Start the Lock Screen Removal

    You will then be prompted to start the process.
  • Recovery Package Download

    The required recovery package will then be downloaded for the removal process.
  • Recovering Your Device

    The recovery package will be used to recover your device.
  • Lock Screen Removed

    Within minutes, your Android lock screen will have been removed.

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