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Android Data Eraser

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When You Should Use iSkysoft Android Data Eraser

Resell Android Device
Donate Android Device
Throw Away
Clear Up Memory
Clean Junk
Protect Your Privacy

The Simple Steps to Permanently Remove Data from an Android Device.

Data Security Guarantee

Whenever you choose to use iSkysoft Android Data Eraser, you can be assured that your data is completely safe.

We make all of our software "read-only" so that your data can't be accessed or collected.

Think of this program as a shredder. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Permanently Erase Android Data and Information

All mobile phone users have a lot of personal data stored on their devices, and because of that, it's important that you take an extra step to make sure that your personal data is kept secure.

With simple data removal methods, your data can be recovered. When using iSkysoft Android Data Eraser, your data is completely removed.

Supported file types include Contact Information, Text Message Information, Browser History, Media, Voicemail, Reminders & Notes, Voice Memos, App Data, and Much More.

Device Compatibility

If you're worried about your device not being compatible with our software, stop worrying. iSkysoft Android Data Eraser is compatible with all of the newest, and the oldest, Android devices out there. This also applies to the Android version which is installed on the device.

  • Connect Device to PC

    Start by connecting your Android device to your PC.
  • Authorize the Wipe

    You must then authorize the data wipe by entering "delete".
  • Erasing the Data

    All of your data will then be wiped from the device.
  • Factory Reset

    Follow the instructions which you are given to factory reset the device.
  • The Device is Wiped

    Your device is now completely wiped!

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